Language Access Campaign

APIs CAN! has launched a coordinated statewide campaign in Massachusetts to increase language access for our communities, because without equal access to the voting booth, human services, government offices, and public meetings, APIs can't!

We are targeting improvement of language access in five cities/towns where our member organizations are most heavily populated: Boston, Lowell, Malden, Quincy, and Worcester. 


2017 Language Access Convening highlights coming soon!


Community involvement in implementation and monitoring of Language and Communications Access Ordinance; Secure sufficient funding for professional interpreters.


Hire two full-time interpreters/translators, one dedicated interpreter at City Hall and another for police department; Secure funding for language line contract.


Work with City on community voting access through implementation of fully bilingual Khmer/English ballot; Increase bilingual poll workers; Continue Early Voting sites in Cambodian community; Work with City to hire community agencies for Khmer translation.


Involve community input into city's Language Access Plan; Increase City budget for interpretation/translation and prioritize community-based organizations for contracts/subcontracts.


Community input into language access plan through creation of a working committee; Include bilingual Chinese/English signs in new City Hall; Expand contract for a multilingual telephone service; Hire Chinese-speaking liaison and interpreter to work in City Hall; Work with City on implementation of fully bilingual ballots and increase hiring of new bilingual poll workers.