APIs CAN believes...

We believe that through our shared platform we can achieve equity for Massachusetts Asian and Pacific Islander communities. While no single APIs CAN member organization works on every single platform item below, collectively we are committed to the beliefs we hold in what is possible for our communities.


APIs CAN! believes in affordable and secure housing for all. We call for legislation protecting tenant rights and calls for preservation of affordable housing as a strategy to ensure the economic and social stability of API communities.


APIs CAN! believes that good jobs and thriving small businesses make strong communities. We call for support for community small businesses, good job standards, workforce training for new Americans, a social safety net, and policies to address economic inequality and wage theft.


APIs CAN! believes that protecting the planet includes a commitment to sustainable systems as well as policies to counter the unequal burden born by our communities of toxic industries, pollution, and unsafe occupations. We call for green spaces in urban areas, an improved public transit system, a renewable energy policy, and pathways to Green Jobs.

APIs CAN! believes a quality education can provide underserved populations opportunities to thrive and participate in a healthy community and vibrant economy. We call for equitable and affordable access to high quality education, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, immigration status, special need, language ability, or other immutable characteristics.


APIs CAN! believes that equal access to comprehensive health care and human services lays the foundation for our communities to thrive and the basis to counter health inequality. We call for cultural and linguistic competency in the healthcare system, including preventive care, health education, mental health services, and culturally sensitive approaches to prevention and treatment.


APIs CAN! believes that it is important to value the contributions of immigrants and refugees across Massachusetts. We call for immigration reform that keeps families together and programs that support inclusion and equity for all immigrants.


APIs CAN! believes that public transit can increase access to work, educational, civic and social opportunities across race, class, and region. We call for quality affordable and accessible public transportation that serves the need of residents with particular attention to the needs of historically underserved populations.